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Here’s How You Can Make Your Car Monsoon-Ready This Season

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Monsoon season’s arrival brings with it a much-needed respite from the hot summer. Everyone from a solitary backpacker to a family traveller is inspired to schedule a vacation between June and September by the rain, which tends to emphasise the beauty of any location.

If you’re vacationing in beach or hill areas during the rainy season, be aware of safety measures due to increased susceptibility to natural calamities.

Take A Look At This Checklist To Help You Get Your Automobile Ready For A Trouble-Free Journey During The Rainy Season:

  • Verify The Tyres: The tyres of a car are among the most neglected, even though they are one of the most vital components since they greatly affect how a car drives.
  • Electricity And Wiring: Heavy rain, landslides, or fog can reduce visibility and increase your wipers and lights usage, which may strain your car’s battery.  Check to see whether it has to be replaced beforehand to prevent any emergencies.
  • Car Lights: Before driving, ensure that all your car lights, including parking, headlights, taillights, brake lights, fog lights, number plate lights, and indicators, are working properly. 
  • Brakes: Water can impair a car’s internal workings and raise the distance it takes to halt. No of the situation or the weather, having functional brakes is essential. But there is a danger that failing brakes will result in even longer braking distances.
  • Keep Your Car Covered: If not properly protected, monsoon rains can cause significant outward damage to your car in addition to internal harm. Check for leaks and rusting: Considering the environment prevalent throughout most of India, look for any evidence of moisture around the windows, sunroof, door sills and carpets. 
  • Purchase A Full-Coverage Auto Insurance Policy: Car owners can benefit from having car insurance coverage with the right add-ons during the rainy season. Vehicle owners must recognise the need to protect assets from weather dangers now that monsoons are being phased out. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988’s requirement for third-party liability insurance does not cover situations brought on by significant rains. You can also purchase several car insurance add-ons.
  • Engine Protection Cover: Your car’s engine is one of the most expensive components, and engine upkeep can be expensive. Vehicles with lower ground clearance have a higher risk of experiencing engine damage on a water-logged road. This supplemental protection is practically required because engine failure can cause your vehicle to break down. *
  • Zero Dep In Car Insurance: As your car ages, its value decreases, which could affect your claims for car insurance. Due to the depreciation of new parts over time, you may not receive the full cost of these parts when filing a claim for an accident involving your car. 

Preparing your car for the monsoon season is essential to ensure safety and optimal performance. By following the recommended maintenance and safety tips, you can enjoy a trouble-free and secure driving experience during the rainy season, minimising the risk of accidents and breakdowns.

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