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Ten Stunning Hedge Plants To Improve Your Garden

by gurkamalkaur

Fences are something we all like, but they require modest maintenance and care to appear beautiful all year round. Your fences can be made more attractive by using a variety of hedge plants. These plants offer safety from strong winds and the necessary privacy, which is just one of their many benefits. One type of hedge plant can only grow on leaves, and the other type is a flowering hedge that almost always attracts attention. Planting and growing hedge plants is simple. They may act as alluring walls for insects, garden critters, and birds. Instead of spending money on expensive barbed wire, a well-grown hedge can act as a strong barrier. To decorate your garden and cover the walls if you are not into gardening supplies, you may purchase plants online. Here is our recommendation for the ideal species of quickly growing hedging that will quickly transform your landscape into a stunning highlight!

Henna / Mehandi Plant

The henna plant has lovely green foliage and tiny, white to red flowers. Its dried leaves are made into paste and powder for covering.

Acalypha Plants

The acalypha plants are also named copper plants, and they arrive in several radiant shades like pink, red, copper, green, golden, and orange. It is a semi-evergreen shrub with heart-shaped stalks. The copper plant can rise to 8 to 9 feet and extend as broad as 6 to 10 feet. They can grow wonderfully and significantly in locations of natural sun. They can also stay in partial coloring. The hedge plant would need fast-draining productive soil and should be nourished regularly with dung or compost. 

Euphorbia Antiquorum 

In India, it is the most familiar spiny juicy shrub developed along the wall line of farmlands. Due to its glance, this plant is frequently misidentified as a cactus. After a thriving establishment, it creates a tall, protective hedge and goes up to 4 meters tall. 

Clerodendrum Inermis 

For both aesthetic and protective hedging, this shrub is best. The foliage has lovely, glossy green hues in the shade. It is essential, drought-resistant stands pruning extremely attractively, and since the leaves smell dreadful, it does not harbor vipers. It takes roughly two years for it to grow slowly enough to make a nice hedge. In two rows that are placed equally apart and 12 to 18 cm long, it is planted.

Blackthorn Hedge Plants

Blackthorn blends wonderfully in a diverse natural hedge and will grow to a height of about 30-45 cm per year. It has lovely, white spring blooms that are wildlife-friendly and spiky stalks that make it a good intruder impediment.


It blossoms in golden, red, white, and orange hues, adding a burst of shades to the landscape. Lantana drives a perfect hedging plant, as most styles can grow from 3-7 feet lofty.

Kaner Plants

The Kaner plants can be named differently depending on the assortment of blossoms and the region. They grow as small trees & have gone throughout the year. They can rise to 8 to 17 feet tall and lay over a big area. They flourish in full sun or partially sunny spaces with fertile & well-drained soil varieties. The plants usually thrive in late spring or summer, and the blossoms can vary from golden to pink to white.

Bougainvillea Spectabilis

Wide, robust varieties of bougainvillea can endure routine trimming and produce the ideal decorative and defensive hedges. The plants are prepared against the barbed wire of a wall, and planting is done at a 70 to 80 cm spacing. To create a bushy structure, branches—including side shoots—are trimmed. The supported hedge of bougainvillea, however, appears more orderly than plants that are not supported.

Duranta Erecta

It is a huge, quickly-growing, dual-stemmed shrub used as a live hedge, experience planting, and screen. Its summertime light blue flowers draw butterflies and are followed by a profusion of golden-orange berries that are well-known to birds. Its golden-yellow or variegated combinations provide a very attractive appearance.

Cypress golden

This one is for you if you are ungracious and impatient for the plant to emerge. A little, quickly expanding hedge plant called a cypress yellow will provide a modern touch to any outdoor space. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation of these plants is simple. This would be the ideal outdoor plant for home and garden.

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