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How To Draw Duck Easy Drawing | Duck Drawing Tutorial

How To Draw Duck Easy Drawing | Duck Drawing Tutorial

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Easy Drawing is numerous beloved classic cartoon characters from the annals of animation. Easy Drawing Many figures still well-known today were first featured in the Looney Tunes cartoons that debuted in the 1930s.

Duck Drawing Tutorial

One of the most well-known characters is the cunning Daffy Duck, who has appeared in various media, including TV programs, films, video games, and more.

Now that you know how to draw Daffy Duck, it’s time to invent a new adventure for this character! Work through this lesson if you want to learn how to quickly accomplish that. You can reproduce this iconic character by following our 6-step tutorial on how to draw Daffy Duck.

Let’s Start Drawing Daffy Duck and See What Happens!


  • We’ll commence this drawing tutorial for Daffy Duck by sketching his face and beak. Draw two thin oval forms next to one another at first.
  • The oval on the right will be a little smaller to demonstrate perspective. Then, remember to include some more rounded forms for his pupils inside the outlines of his eyes.
  • Then, you can sketch his beak to give him a grinning appearance.
  • Try to replicate the curved lines in our reference image precisely as they appear there. The beak will likely be the trickiest part of this entire Drawing.
  • Draw more curved lines for the top of his skull, which will have three pointy shapes protruding.
  • Add a few more lines to his neck to complete this stage, and we can move on.


  • Next, sketch the contours of his mouth and his first arm.
  • The first of Daffy Duck’s lanky and rather thin set of limbs will be added to your Daffy Duck drawing at this stage.
  • However, we will first add some details to his visage before we do that. You can begin by sketching a tongue inside his lips before adding dots to represent his nostrils.
  • Draw his lanky arm raised next, ending in a hand with long, thin digits by adding more curved lines.


  • The guidance will be ready once each of these has been drawn.
  • Draw another limb for Daffy Duck in step three.
  • We will draw another arm for Daffy Duck in the third stage of our drawing tutorial.
  • This one will be positioned on the left side and have his palm curled at his waist while hunched over.
  • As seen in our reference picture, the top of the shoulder on this arm will also have a few sharply curved lines.
  • We will also add another line for his back extending downward from beneath his shoulder to complete this stage. That is all there is to do for this stage, so let’s move on.


  • Next, sketch the remainder of the body’s outline.
  • You can now complete the remainder of Daffy Duck’s body outline by adding it to your Drawing of him.
  • Draw the front of his torso first using more curved lines. His chest will appear to have feathery lines that stretch into pointed tips.
  • You can use rounded lines ballooning out for his lower body because his chest region will be quite thin.
  • His bottom half will be larger and more rounded than his torso. Finish off by adding a few tiny, rounded shapes to the base of his torso, which will later serve as the origin of his legs.


  • Finish up your Daffy Duck drawing by adding the finishing details.
  • Now that you have almost finished drawing him, he still lacks crucial details.
  • As we prepare you for the last stage of our tutorial on drawing Daffy Duck, we will draw these.
  • His legs will be the primary component in this step, so begin by adding some curved lines that descend from the feathery shapes at the base of his body.
  • After that, we’ll sketch his feet onto the bottoms of his legs. Each foot will be large and webbed, and it will stretch outward.
  • Draw them with softer, rounded lines that finish with three toes on each foot.
  • Will you include any background information or additional features once you have drawn his legs? Before you proceed to the last stage, you can be creative with it, so make the most of it!


  • Add colour to complete your Daffy Duck sketch.
  • Even though this character’s colour palette isn’t the most vibrant cartoon ever made, it is still quite striking!
  • By using black for his body and bright orange for his legs and beak, we could maintain the accuracy of his various appearances in our reference picture. We added some crimson and pink hues to his mouth and tongue to complete him.
  • Will you use these exact hues or create a unique variation for your Daffy Duck drawing? We are eager to see what you accomplish!

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