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10+ Tips to Identify the Perfect Homework Helpers

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When you want to buy the best pair of earphones from an online retailer, you’re likely to go through every review on the website, compare prices and feedback on various retailers and check the specs thoroughly. If you’re going to put in so much effort for a simple pair of earphones, surely you can expend the same effort when choosing an online homework helper.


Why Be Careful in Selecting Online Academic Service Providers?


Studies reveal that reliable instructors are the key to ensuring students can resolve their academic struggles. According to a Frontiers in Education article, almost 83% of students could find a solution to their problems through their professors’ constant guidance and support. But unfortunately, not all students are lucky enough to get the unwavering support of their instructors.


Taking advantage of a situation where students are desperate for professional guidance, many academic service providers have mushroomed, promising to fulfil this need. However, after consulting with hundreds of students who have tried such services, I’ve noticed a few recurring issues that seem to be a common problem for many of these websites. For example, students have experienced situations where –


  • They’ve been denied the services without any explanation
  • The papers were not delivered on time as promised
  • The experts had plagiarised the content from online sources
  • The paper was full of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Experts refused to take responsibility for poor-quality writing


Such experiences are bound to hike up your stress levels even though you’ve probably emptied your pockets hiring “professional” academic experts. That’s why it is crucial to check for red flags before hiring any service.


10+ Tips to Find Your Perfect Assignment Helper Match


Searching for the best homework helper suited to your needs is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But the chances improve significantly when you know the qualities differentiating a reliable assignment helper from the rest. After reviewing almost every assignment writing help Bristol, I’ve identified some distinct qualities shared by the most reliable websites.


Keeping those qualities in mind, here are 10+ tips for finding the best academic service to solve your problems quickly.


  1. Check the experts’ educational qualifications


If you’re planning to hire an expert to assist you with your History PhD thesis, you surely won’t want a Physics scholar to lend you a helping hand. Neither would you prefer someone who hasn’t completed their graduation to tackle a PhD-level thesis. That’s why, when deciding which website to hire, go through the list of experts and check their educational qualifications. If the majority of them have a PhD, you can expect well-researched and more cohesive papers.


  1. Go through the reviews thoroughly


Going through previous client feedback is the best way to get a general idea of the experience others have had with a particular service. There’s a lot you can learn about a website from these reviews. For example, suppose you come across several comments from 6 months before criticising the website for late submissions. If the recent reviews do not mention this issue or praise the service for quick delivery, then it’s clear that the website takes customer feedback seriously and takes the necessary steps to resolve the issue.


  1. Read sample solutions to check writing quality


If you’ve always shied away from hiring professional academic scholars because you can’t trust that they’ll be able to write well, then GREAT CHOICE! You’d be surprised by the number of students who have had to deal with horrible papers despite paying steep fees. So how can you figure out whether you’ll like a particular service’s writing? Simple! Just go through the writing samples available on the website. Most homework helpers have a free sample section where you can review the writings to check if they are up to the mark.


  1. Keep an eye out for inconsistent claims


Any website that claims to have been assisting students for 30+ years but only has ten reviews is certainly one that you should avoid at all costs. While reviewing the academic service providers, I’ve encountered multiple websites making such absurd claims. The worst part is that some students actually believe them and end up regretting their choice before long. So, don’t believe everything you’re promised and investigate the authenticity of a website’s claims before hiring anyone.


  1. Connect with customer care to check response time


There’s nothing more infuriating than having to wait a million years to get a response from customer care when you have an urgent query. Most academic service providers do not allow students to connect to experts directly. Instead, they must rely on customer care to relay their queries to the expert. As a result, slow responses can hinder the entire progress and delay the assignment submission. Therefore, before hiring any service, it’s best to test the customer care response time to avoid unnecessary difficulties.


  1. Ensure the experts can deliver urgent tasks


The American Psychological Association believes that almost 80%-95% of college students catch procrastination fever sooner or later. If you’re part of this majority, you’ve probably experienced the anxiety of completing assignments at the last minute. When the stress becomes too overwhelming, you can always rely on professional experts to help you out. But ensure that these services are equipped to handle urgent papers. While some websites do not have the task force to deliver papers within 24 hours, others have separate teams to deliver urgent assignments in less than 12 hours.


  1. Run the solutions through AI-content detectors


In an age where technological advancements in education have resulted in handy tools like the Chicago reference generator, many experts continue to take advantage of this advancement by adopting unfair means of using AI content generators to write assignments. But your instructors are quite familiar with the tells of AI-generated content and can penalise you immediately. To check whether a service relied heavily on such shortcuts, run their sample solutions through AI content detectors. If the uniqueness percentage is less than 90, you are better off hiring someone else.


  1. Check for plagiarism scores on sample papers


There’s a difference between referencing information or data from other sources while providing proper credits and copying someone else’s content and passing it off as their own. Unfortunately, insiders from some of the top assignment help services have admitted that they have delivered plagiarised content at least once in their careers because of tight deadline pressures. So, don’t forget to run the sample papers on the website through plagiarism detectors to confirm their uniqueness. It’s also best to choose a website that offers free plagiarism reports with every assignment.


  1. Avoid services that do not display expert profiles


One of the most shocking pieces of information I found out while researching these homework guidance services is that many hire high school students and freshers to meet the high demands. Even though these students don’t have enough experience with higher-level assignments like dissertations, case studies and research papers, they are practically forced to wing it. To avoid being called out, these websites do not list expert profiles.


  1. Review the Terms and Conditions


When was the last time you bothered to read through the Terms & Conditions before using any service? Everyone ignores the fine print, and several companies use that to add terms like “No Refund” or “Chargeable Cancellation” policies to bind students to their unjust demands. One of the students I interviewed recounted how they received a wrong assignment. When the student complained and demanded a refund, the service refused to comply because of their no-refund policy. That’s why reading the fine print is crucial to identifying the services offering more student-friendly policies, like partial refunds and revisions.


  1. Eliminate websites that refuse to take accountability


You can’t expect every paper to be completely flawless since the experts are human beings. However, homework helper services taking responsibility for their shortcomings and offering alternative solutions is proof that they take their work seriously. Unfortunately, most websites wipe their hands off all accountability as soon as they deliver the assigned task. Even if the writing quality isn’t up to the mark, you can’t force them to improve the content if they do not have any revision policy.


  1. Get direct feedback from previous clients if possible


There’s nothing better than hearing about someone else’s experience with a particular website directly from their mouth. You don’t always get the entire picture, even if you go through multiple reviews. Furthermore, people usually miss minor details when writing a review. But if you can find a link to the user profile, don’t hesitate to drop a message and ask them about their experience with a particular service.


To sum it up,


Finding the perfect homework helpers might be more challenging than finding a needle in a haystack. However, it’s not impossible! But to determine which websites suit your requirements the best, you must take time to investigate the websites. Follow the suggestions highlighted in this blog, and you can avoid some of the major issues students generally face after hiring unreliable homework help services.


Author bio:


Jonathan Conner is a professional academic scholar providing assignment help services in Toowoomba at MyAssignmenthelp.com. He has completed his Master’s in Journalism and Media and plans to pursue a doctorate soon. Conner loves to engage in philanthropic activities. He also volunteers at the local shelter every weekend.

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